Either fitted with metallic flanges or without flanges for SF6 circuit breakers, instrument transformers, condensor bushings, and lightning arresters upto 800 kV
Maximum height in one unit construction: up to 2600mm
Maximum diameter: 650mm
Bore can be parallel, taper or bulge as per customer's specific design
Applicable standards: IS, IEC, European norms 50062, ANSI.

Salient features

Apparatus porcelain insulators
The design concept for hollow porcelains is dependant on the complete design of electrical equipment such as SF6 circuit breakers, air-blast circuit breakers, minimum-oil circuit breakers, instrument transformers, condenser bushing and lightning arresters.

The porcelains are designed in consultation with the manufacturers of equipment so as to meet the electrical and mechanical requirements. The manufacturing possibilities of shape, size and dimensional tolerances of large hollow porcelains comply with Indian and international standards.
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