IOTA or Insulators Operations and Technical Academy is a residential training program for the customers of ABI. This program, entitled Building a Brighter India,  was envisioned by our CEO, Mr Rohit Pathak and aims to upgrade the skills of engineers, supervisors and workmen in the field of transmission line construction and operations, with a focus on testing, handling, stringing and performance & maintenance of porcelain disc insulators. The program has been carefully designed keeping our customers’ requirements in mind and is delivered by an internal subject matter expert team at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Rishra. The program aims to inculcate the role of insulators, its properties, handling of insulators, troubleshooting aspects and quality of insulators. This program helps our clients understand our quality aspects and our stringent manufacturing operations that ensure the delivery of top quality products. We help them understand and resolve typical issues related to our products and enable them to carry their operations