Production Process

Aditya Birla Insulators follows world-class manufacturing practices in the production of porcelain insulators. The important stages in the manufacture of porcelain insulators are:

  • Wet grinding of raw materials to slurry form
  • Filter pressing to de-water the slurry
  • Vacuum extrusion to provide plastic clay
  • Shaping by pressing or turning
  • Drying to remove absorbed water
  • Firing to convert the raw material mixture to strong and vitreous porcelain
  • Assembly, which involves fitting terminations to the porcelain shapes, so that they become insulators
  • Testing, which implies a series of mechanical and electrical tests to ensure the technical integrity of the products

Aditya Birla Insulators recognises that high-quality products are obtained if only production is supported by a comprehensive system of process and quality control. These systems, fully documented, are a vital part of everyday production at both the Rishra and Halol factories.