Sustainable Operations

Fostering for a Sustainable future

ABI strives to adopt an eco-friendly approach for its operations. We believe strongly in resource conservation, energy efficiency, recycling, environment-friendly disposal of industrial wastes, safety practices and development of local communities through various CSR initiatives. We are an ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, SA 8000 :2014 & OSHAS 18001:2007 Certified company with sustainable operation and strong adherence to nation & local standards. We have a well-designed ABG Sustainability Framework Management standards, Technical standards & Guidance Notes to guide us for achieving the Sustainable development goals & become world class in sustainable business.

Key Highlights of our initiatives  for Environment Management ,Energy & Natural resource Conservation

  • Installation of recharge wells to increase ground water level and have perennial source of water supply at Halol.
  • Reduction in Fresh Water Consumption by 100% utilization of ETP water in Gardening and Equipment Washing at Halol.
  • Automation of Kiln-2 and Kiln-3 done for reduction in energy consumption at Halol.
  • Creating Wealth from Waste through sale of Silicone Waste at Halol
  • Installation of Dust extractors in dry Finishing area and other control measures to reduce dust generation and its impact at Halol.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance by reduction of noise level by installing Acoustic Enclosures on DG Sets at both Unit.
  • Implementation of Waste management Plan, Waste Water Management Plan, Water Management  Plan at  Rishra
  • Conserving the Natural resource by various Water Recycle & Reuse Projects at  Rishra.
  • LPG is used as a fuel in Kilns and Thermopacks at  Rishra.
  • Waste heat from Kilns are used in dryers at  Rishra.
  • Burner Block in Kiln-4 modification to minimize gas consumption at  Rishra.
  • Four numbers of pre heating burner were stopped in Kiln-3 thereby reducing gas consumption at  Rishra.
  • Stopping of low temperature combustion blower in K-5 which was running for pre-heat and oxidation zone and use of pre-heated air supplied by HT combustion fan for pre-heat and oxidation zone  thereby reducing fuel consumption & energy consumption at  Rishra.
  • Reduction in tile thickness in Kiln Car from 22mm to 18mm to minimize gas consumption at  Rishra.
  • Burner modification to eliminate cold air suction from atmosphere which further resulted in minimizing gas consumption at  Rishra.
  • Dust control systems are installed to minimize the exposure of dust at Rishra.